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let's be friends of the Earth 用一般现在时 本人初二水平- - 70左右1.Who are friends of the Earth?2.What are we doing to the Earth?3.How can we be friends of the Earth? Football is called (s ) in Britain(s ) 根据首字母填空 钮字组词 钮怎么组词 钮字怎么组词 奥特曼格斗进化3的问题,奥特曼格斗进化3的手柄三角形和圆形等几个键是键盘上的哪几个键?具体点! 在社会主义改造中,中国共产党制定的对资本主义工商业所采取的政策是?A利用 B没收 C限制 D赎买 stick to 是坚持,那么坚持去做某事,能用这个吗?怎么用? 怎么翻译exchange fish for meat alarm求翻译 日本历史中的江户时代为什么要用这个名字? Power On by PCI Card This____(take) five seconds and i can__(go)to have a cup of tea. Studying hard is very important那位翻译下是什么意思 为什么英语单词中Q总是后面跟着个U has been known和be seen as的区别题:As a result of his method for early music education, Shinichi Suzuki______as one of the world's greatest violin teachers.A. has been known B. had been known C. is seen D. is being seen答案是C.但是 为什么英语单词中 q后要加u虽然不是全部,但大多数是这样,q单独出现时很少(简写不算),为什么呢? it can be seen 我想表达这个在电脑屏幕上可以被看到.在seen后面加什么呢?单独的说it can be seen 是一句话么 He teaches in a school n______.So he often walks to school. Those are my dictionaries同义句 I can't help to deal with this. 为什么用with不用to 都是什么反义词和近一词啊?近异词:渴望 节省 激励 珍贵 清晰 持续反义词:坚定 持续 清晰 节省 延伸 危险都是什么近异词和反以词? Can I help you?No,thanks .I A.havejust looked around B.am just looking around C.just lookedaround 加点词的反义词,都是什么? 9.i ______ around with a good deal of curiosity.9.i ______ around with a good deal of curiosity.A)could not helpto lookB)could not but tolookC)could not butlookingD)could not helplooking请问答案为什么选D,请帮我详细的解答,谢 前后两个词都是反义词的成语 It was 8.40 in the evening and I was at Starbucks.求全文 并翻译. it作形式主语怎么用?it+is+adj.+to+v. 江户时代对日本的影响 but many things that can't be seen now 本的反义词并组词 they don't konw their parents arewhatthatwhichwhy选哪一个